So I realised that you guys are kinda my dirty little secret.
Not that you are dirty. Most of you anyway.
Or that secret.
It's just that on here, there is no intersect with my real life. On facebook my boss, my family, my colleagues - pretty much everyone I know is privvy to my blathering, but here I can rant about anything and not wonder who is reading it and what they are thinking (because though I love you, I just don't care what you are thinking about me).

Which brings me to my point: I've just accepted an offer of a new job!

I love what I do, who I work for and the whole culture of the place. It has been a bit tight financially, working for a non-profit, but it is still a blast. So why would I change?
Well it came right out of left field.
I had been talking with some guys I sort-of know from a games studio. They were looking for a part-time writer to put together some character dialogue for their game, so I applied for the role. Strictly part time, I figured I could do it around work and earn a little extra.
So when we met for a coffee and they laid out a full time role they had developed for me I was a little blown away. It seems my application had ticked a whole lot of boxes with them and they wanted me on the team.
Long story short, they want me writing character dialogue and quest content for players, and developing marketing and media materials for the steampunk MMO they are building.

It's a new role and another dream job, letting me do all the stuff I love with very few drawbacks. The pay is a slight increase, which is very nice, and the team are great guys (and girls). I'm pretty sad to leave the old role, and it has been really hard to break it to my friends there, but I really feel like this is a once in a lifetime kind of opportunity that is made for me. I have been given flexibility to transition out of my old job, so I will be juggling both part time for about a month in order to fulfil my responsibilities before moving on fully. I really appreciate that my new boss wants to see me 'finish well.'

So I'm taking another step closer to being a 'real' writer (I'm looking at you, Scapino) and I get to say I'm in the gaming industry. Which I think is cool, in a geeky kinda way. If you are interested, the project is called 'The Aetherlight' and is probably still 12 months away from beta. It's aimed at 8-14 year olds, so probably isn't going to get many subscribers from hereabouts, but I think if they (we?) pull it off it should still be pretty epic.

So thanks for letting me vent. I will slowly spill some of this as it becomes more official and immediate next month (when I get back from my final film-tour of the backwaters of Asia) so you may hear it twice. But you heard it here first.

Just remember, you have to keep it secret, ok?