Not every chick wears makeup.. I personally hate it.
Not every chick played with Barbie growing up.. I liked my brother's BB gun WAY more.
Not every chick likes to dress up all the time.. I prefer my PJs or blue jeans.
Not every chick needs help fixing her car.. I got this, buddy, but thanks. It's just a fuse anyway.
Not every chicks likes to bake.. Love brownies, but I tend to burn them and no one wants crispy brownies.
Not every chick looks fabulous in a bikini.. Meh. I try, but the world isn't ready for this shade of white.

Here's to NOT being a stereotypical female. Here's to having fun MY way and not giving a damn what any other dame thinks. And here's to not wasting my life trying to impress the opposite sex by being something I'm not. Empower your self by being yourself, ladies. And ROCK ON! <3