So the rain was fun, the waves were exciting and I got wet. and Moby's took a wave through the window. Tim and I put up a sheet of plywood and blocked it off because the catwalk got washed out. (most likely the catwalk broke the 1/4 thick tempered glass). I am annoyed that local weather was on national news, isn't anyone concerned with what Russia is doing? Also, to all the stupid people who go past the barricades and the signs to get their own pictures of of a plywood covered window and a broken catwalk; the keep out signs etc is there to keep you out. if you fall through the deck you will die or get seriously injured. I had to kick 5 people out on Sunday who said they didn't know they couldn't climb over fence and go past the signs. (And to the parents of the 8 year old girl wandering around back there; you are bad parents.)

See images in gallery for clarity.