I am stepping down as a Guardian.

I emailed Barbara last night with concerns about the homophobic slur used repeatedly during the CAH stream. I expressed feeling uncomfortable and even unsafe working under someone who condones the use of that slur and sees it comedic, and all I asked was the knowledge that she understood why it is hurtful and why it is inappropriate to say. Knowing that she knew that would help me to feel more comfortable and more confident that the Guardians would be safe from discrimination due to sexual orientation.

I received an email back that simply said, I can remove you from the Guardians. Please let me know, since we have to do assignments soon.

I was not given any reassurance about my safety or the safety of others, or any reassurance that volunteers would be respected regardless of orientation. My concerns were not acknowledged. There was no apology about the slurs, no reassurance that discrimination is something the employees of RT do not stand for.

I can say 100% that I know that this is NOT the sentiment shared by the Head Guardians or many other Guardians, but that is not enough to make me feel respected or my concerns valued by a few other RT employees I would be working under.

I do not think I will be a Guardian in the future until I know that the community manager takes safety and respect concerns of volunteers more seriously.

I'll miss working with all of you again, but I hope you understand. smiley12.gif