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Ok today is the day of the Irishmen ooo very sparkly very green. thats all well and good for them. but I'm not Irish I'm Norwegian... My people sailed across the seas and raped and pillaged their kind. Also Norway is filled with Islands and one of the ways people get food is by... get this... Fishing. Ireland is a big fuckin' island fuckin' surrounded by water. The Irish almost starve because of the potato... the POTATO! How bad off are you if your entire people nearly gets wiped out by a fuckin' tuber! FOR GOD SAKE'S JUST STOP DRINKING AND GO FISHING! HELL YOU DONT EVEN HAVE TO STOP DRINKING NEAR EVERYONE DRINKS WHILE THEY FISH, HELL THATS WHY THEY GO FISHIN' IN THE FIRST PLACE AS AN EXCUSE TO GET DRUNK! Why am I bitching u ask? I'll tell you why, you Irish were pagans before they nailed christ to a cross. Then Patrick came over and taught u what for... now you've got a fuckin holiday for him! We were pagans too! WE WERE COVNERTED! were the fuck is our patron saint and his fucking holiday! Where's St. Ole's day eh? He deserves a day because we DIDN'T martyr his ass like the other missionaries before him. all St. Patrick did was to run a bunch of snakes off the island. hell if he hadn't you coulda eaten snake stew instead of having to go fish! so GIVE ME SAINT OLE"S DAY YOU PANSIES!