Velvet's Team

1 year ago

Now we don't have time for trailers this year, cause all the Awesome we'd put into trailers we're putting into the show. But RWBY wouldn't be RWBY if we didn't tease and bait.

So who's on Velvet's team?

Just this group here:



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  • LBouguer


    1 year ago

    Hmmm... Ok, after thinking about it a while longer, a couple of theories:

    First, the official promo pics of each of the other teams all show the members in the order their names appear in the team name. That would suggest V is the third letter in the name. I would say SLVR, except the colors for all of them in this pic are all shades of brown which is probably another hint by Monty and company. Stuck on a shade of brown or word that implies brown (like "cardinal" suggests red), though...

    Second, as mentioned by other posts, each team has a theme to the characters' origins: RWBY is all fairy tale heroines, JNPR are all (gender-swapped) mythical heroes, CRDL are all birds (and maybe historical bad guys, I believe - Cardin Winchester's name was inspired by the bishop who prosecuted Joan of Arc). With Velvet being inspired by the Velveteen Rabbit, the other members are probably derived from other famous children's books.

  • Horo_Kaeru


    1 year ago

    This looks incredible...

  • TType


    1 year ago

    I got an idea how to introduce them

  • Souleater26


    1 year ago


  • Sora95


    1 year ago

    Monty you are so evil :(

  • DiscoAsian

    DiscoAsian The Rose Guy

    1 year ago

    Why do I have a feeling that Velvet's team is just all going to have accents. With RWBY, it was fairy tale characters, JNPR was reverse-gendered heroes; Velvet's team is just different accents. Heck, maybe Gavin will be on this team and Matt could pull off another accent if he wanted to.

  • WWashington


    1 year ago

    The dude on the far right is obviously a descendant of Dragonslayer Ornstein :P

  • IvoryFawn


    1 year ago

    whos willing to bet me that the girl with the glasses is based on Amelia Earheart?

    (also, i would love to see the tall guy act like a protective big brother for Velvet :3)

  • Vickyt_o24


    1 year ago

    If the girl in the glasses looks like what i think she'd look like, I'd be a little sad cause I already started designing my oc character.

  • kylepezz


    1 year ago

    I really like the aviator on the left. I can't wait to see what she is all about! smiley12.gif