Chapter V: The Sponsorship Reformation

Order. Order had returned. No longer did we have three Mods; we only had one. One through honor. Some say he never blinks, and that he roams around the woods at night foraging for wolves. All we knew was that he was now our Mod.

This new Mod was welcomed with open arms. We all agreed that he had earned his role as overseer. No longer were we tiptoeing around trying to please the Mods out of fear. We knew this is what we needed. After all the turmoil we had gone through we had risen to the Golden Age. Everything was in place and life carried on smoothly. Our Mod was even given a more informal title: Mod in the North. We all hailed the Mod in the North.

But in time a new challenger had appeared, a Teal Knight from a distant land...

This was a Mod from another district. One who did not know the ways of our society. He did not come in quietly either. He barged right in. Forced his way into our community. It was near certain he would start another war. This was the Mod of the Criers...

But he didn't... he worked his way into our hearts and we learned to love him. For once, we remembered the time of old. The time way back when we actually lived side by side with the Criers. We were able to accept him and his community back into ours. All was good...

Thank you for reading my short series! There may be a possible epilogue in the future!

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