As many of you already know, PAX East was this weekend. I only got to go on Saturday, but it was an awesome time nonetheless.

The Beginning
My day was going to start with the Make a Strip panel at 10:30, but due to arrival time/lanyard troubles with my friends, we decided to skip it. We then made the cross convention center walk to the Queue Room because for whatever reason the Enforcers wouldn't allow people down the escalators at the start of the day. Then began our perimeter sweep of the Show Floor to get our bearings, when we came across the Skullcandy booth. There we found a station where PvZ: Garden Warfare was playable on an Xbox One.
Funny we found it then when just then I had been talking about finding some booth to play with a One controller. I had already gotten hands-on with a DualShock 4 at Target, which I thought was a fantastic controller, so I wanted to see the competition. It fit well in my hands, the sticks were smaller (which was nice) and were quick to move, and the triggers felt great. I wish the bumpers had a little less resistance, but overall it's definitely better than the 360 controller. Whether or not I would choose it over the PS4 controller remains to be seen.

Oh yeah, and PvZ was good too. The Chomper is super fun to play, with the Peashooter in a close second (only got to play as the plants).

The Community Cool Cats
After the perimeter sweep, we found ourselves in the Bethesda corner of the Expo Hall, surrounded by a couple smaller booths as Wolfenstein and The Evil Within were promoted on their big screen. In that corner was the booth for Undead Labs, the developers of State of Decay. This is where I met these awesome people:
@BenBen, @miexriir, @Tora, @Connor, @Neefertiti and @Andy were all hanging out, so I decided to go up and say hi (with a little help from one of my friends. I was nervous, okay?). They were all super cool and easy to talk to. It was a really awesome experience, and they prepared me for what would be next.

The Booth
I have been to PAX twice before. 2012 the RT booth was kinda small, no big lines, no arrows on the floor to follow. You could just walk up and say hi and get your merch with relatively no hassle (from what I could see at least; I didn't go up to the booth that year). 2013 was a little bigger, with tape to show where the line had to go, but it was easy enough to get in. This year, as those guys warned me, was a nightmare. The line was packed and constantly getting capped, with people only able to get in once most of the previous line had gone through. However, there did seem to be more merch left on Saturday than last year. I managed to get my first pick shirt in the right size without any hassle.
After watching the RT guys and gal play some Evolve at the 2K booth, I went back for a signing run at the booth. After another 45 minutes in line, I finally got to meet @Lindsay, @Ray, @Michael and @Gavino. They too were awesome, and while they were exhausted, they kept it together very well. Once they all signed my new shirt, I asked for a picture.
Of course I just had to screw it up somehow, so half of @Lindsay's face ended up in the picture. Note to self: check that everyone is fully in the picture before taking it. Damn it.

The Finale
Immediately after the booth, I had a little conversation with @Mike and @Andy hanging out at the next booth over. Space Jam and @Dylon's height were popular topics.
At this point, the Show Floor was closing, so I had to go and hook up with my friends again. We grabbed dinner, went to a panel about classic RPGs, then finished off the day with King of Fighters XIII at the Console Freeplay section. Sidenote: Kyo kicks all kinds of ass. All in all, a pretty fantastic day. I'm waiting with bated breath for next year.