Happy Easter

1 year ago

Happy Easter or whatever holiday is appropriate to those of you not into the whole Christianity thing.

I spent my Easter weekend hanging out with the family and contributing to the move-in for some of the communal areas of RT Stage 5. One nice thing about not having an office for the last two and a half years is that I only spent about ten minutes packing. In fact, most of that time was spent organizing Vine props like wizard hats and pirate eye patches.

I am fortunate to have two very amazing, very different boys. One thing they have in common is that they both hate sweets. Not sure why that is -- but Easter candy is wasted on them. Nonetheless, I felt compelled to uphold tradition and get them chocolate bunnies. They weren't really too excited about eating all that chocolate and JD suggested we use them for target practice with the BB gun. I guess you could say this was a rather untraditional holiday celebration.


First full day in Stage 5 tomorrow. Can't wait.

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  • SDCooper


    1 year ago

    I wish i lived in Texas where shooting stuff is pretty routine

  • mushashi

    mushashi Super Saiyan

    1 year ago

    That is hilarious. Take that chocolate rabbit!

  • f_thebest


    1 year ago

    Burnie is such an awesome dad!

  • McLovett

    McLovett He who McLove's it

    1 year ago

    There be the future leaders of Rooster Teeth!

  • Logomaniac


    1 year ago

    I'd say that if your kids don't like sweets, keep it that way. It's makes it so much easier to keep them from getting tubby if they don't eat sweets (not that I know anything about parenting, literally anything). There's things like Mcdonald's and (do you even) lifting, but one step at a time. Keep them in the gene pool, America will need it.

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  • Ugly_27


    1 year ago

    That looks like a really good immersion photo. I don't know how it would work, but Gavin and Michael would have to be the ducks and the obvious theme would be duck hunt, which would involve JD and your other boy shooting BB's at them. .

  • Cadmium


    1 year ago

    Happy (belated) Easter. Good way to spend Easter imo xD

  • EleshNorn


    1 year ago


  • Ed_Radley


    1 year ago

    Would you be mad if I called sometime on Monday during my lunch break to say congrats on the new location and just shoot the breeze? I won't be coming to RTX since I'm spending my vacation time this year on a honeymoon, but i swear I'll do my best to show up next year.

  • Brodieska


    1 year ago

    strangely I feel the same as your boys about sweets however the skill of marksmanship is awesome!