Kinect Star Wars - Going Somewhere, Solo?
Featuring @AxialMatt, @Connor, @Hightower, @Reached and @The_Hybrid. It would have been on Monday but my computer is so bad it took forever to render. Then it actually rendered with the backing still in place, so yesterday I had to re-render without the backing.
>>>>>Here is an MP3 version with backing<<<<<

Why don't I preview the video before rendering you say?
Ah, fun little fact about my editing that you probably don't know. I often edit on my laptop which is so bad it can't preview. It will play the preview at about 1 frame every 3 seconds and the audio will cut out after about 2 seconds. To view a video, I usually render it and then upload it to YouTube unlisted. Often I see so many things I want to fix, that I know how to fix in seconds, but on this laptop it would take hours so I just don't. However I will edit this journal with links when the video is live!