It's been a while since I've put anything over here, so I thought I would share a project that I've been working on to help keep me creative.

Borrowing the idea from a Pixar artist Aaron Hartline's twitter account, @TheDailyPostIt, where he puts up little caricatures on Post-Its. I like the idea of working in a confined space, or bombing a public location with a simple Post-It to brighten someone's day. I'm still getting back into drawing again, so I took on the challenge with simple pencils. Maybe further down the line, I'll add some color.

Either way, the first week's already past so please check out the one's I've done so far.

Day 1: Mike Wazowski

Day 2: Pikachu

Day 3: Labyrinthine with Death Cab for Cutie lyries

Day 4: Fraggle Rock

Day 5: Master Chief

Day 6 & 7: Mickey Mouse & Oswalt the Rabbit

Day 8: Toothless

For more everyday, I will post it on my twitter account.