I know for RTX a huge thing is where to eat, so I figured I'd put together a list of places that'd I'd recommend. If anyone has any questions on any of them let me know. smiley12.gif

Now some of these places cost more than other *cough* Lamberts *cough* but I've gone ahead and linked to the menu for most places so you can check it out and make sure it's not over you price range. I tried to keep any super expensive places off of here but if people wanted a few suggestions for very nice restaurants I could definitely names a few.

Places marked with an * are small places and are not suitable for groups of more than 4. (Chuy's you could do more but I've always enjoyed it more with no more than 4 people.)

<10 min walk
Iron Cactus
Casino El Camino
Crepe Cafe*
Easy Tiger
Cedar Door
Iron Works Barbecue
Blenders and Bowls
2nd Bar and Kitchen
The Backspace*
Piranha Killer Sushi
Moonshine Grill
Austin Java

10-20 min walk (.5-1mile)
Hut's Hamburgers*
Fado's Irish Pub
Turf-n-Surf Po-Boy

Walkable non-austin restaurants
Jimmy John's
P.F. Chang's

Cab/Car Ride away, but totally worth it
Juan and a million


NOTE: If you are familiar with public transport or don't mind using it there are some great places up by UT. There is a bus that runs from Congress/2nd to Guadalupe/24th that you can take. There are places like Noodles & Company, Mellow Mushroom, Verts, Pita Pit, Burger King, etc. It should only be 1.00 each way.

Some of the cab ones you could walk to however with the TX heat it's more than most people would want to do

This list also depends a lot on where you are staying. These are based off the convention center, however if for example you are staying at the Radisson the longer walks will be shorter and the 10 min walks may be a bit longer.

I think it's important to note that a LOT of places are closed on 4th of July so anywhere you plan on going that day you might want to call and double check.

(Also note that RTSidequest made a really cool guide of a ton of places that you can totally check out too! RTSidequest Guide)