So the third day of E3 is about to start and i as the crazy person i am watched all the things live
witch is every night from 18:00 to 06:00 but hey lets just talk about all the cool stuff.

Lets start with probably my favorite thing Assassins Creed Unity co-op.
I love ac and back in brotherhood when they revealed multiplayer i was like
this is a stupid idea this is never gonna work why do this .
And then i got it and it was awesome and the game i played multiplayer the most of.
So i trust that they can do co-op even better.

Then Sunset Overdrive boy that game look fun i will deftly pick that up
just the fact that it does not take it self serious in the slightest and that you
can customize the character to be as crazy looking as you want him to be is so awesome.

And of course Halo the master chief collection is just fantastic.
When it was rumored i thought it was too good to be true but hey its real
And that's not all it comes with the Halo 5 beta that starts December 27.

Moving on to other things.
The Division still looks amazing just the world alone im falling in
love with and all the possibility for crazy fun online.
oooh im so exited .

No Man's Sky here's a game that looks amazing and
promises so much and i really want it to be good but i don't
think its ever gonna be out or at least not as its promised now
it just seems like to big a project for a studio that small who's
previous work was Joe Danger not that that's a bad game No Man's Sky is on a way bigger scale than that.
but hey what do i know maybe it will come out and deliver all that it said it do and if that happens
that be awesome and i cant wait.

A tiny bit of Uncharted 4: A Thief's End got shown and it looks way darker than the other ones
im really exited for it but its not to much to talk about.

Day 2 Nintendo comes out and i was already planning on getting a Wii u next month
but this just made me want to get it so much more.

First of the big one Super Smash Bros
Mii's are in and look cool Pacman omg its Pacman in smash
and Palutena that Palutena hit me right where it needed so awesome smiley13.gif .
trailer Palutena:
trailer Mii:
trailer Pacman :

Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire what can i say so many flashbacks just look at the trailer.

Hyrule Warriors was great i love Zelda i love Dynasty Warriors it gonna be cool.
But man that Zelda Wii u hype ooh it soo cool smiley13.gif .
Hyrule Warriors trailer:
Zelda Wii u trailer:

There was a lot more awesome stuff that im hyped for but this journal is getting way too long so for now
thanks for reading.