Sadly, I am unable to attend RTX this year as well. =\

It kinda sucks that I lack disposable income. I unfortunately lost my job at the Deli because many of the other employees trying to pull me in different directions in 'training' me, which only left me to be a rather confused and slow pile of crap. I can't help not knowing what to do when someone doesn't even TEACH me what to do. They didn't even show me how to run the register or answer phone orders- and you can't just waltz up and just do that in someone's private business.
I can't really cry about it..I've had my time for tears. I'm just fed up with being unable to find a proper, part-time job. My biggest problem is that I am a full-time student, and a lot of businesses have turned me down for work because of that. They do so because they want people who can work nearly 40 hours a week. It's stupid, but there's nothing I can do about it because Las Cruces is just a large college/retirement town, and the businesses here, even chain ones, are picky as all get.

But..on a better note, Wikia had alerted me to his good health report from medical over at Pendleton. My family really likes him, and now it's my turn to be shown off. I get to fly out to Rome, Georgia in July in order to meet his father, mother, sister and brother-in-law. I'm both extremely nervous and excited. I've spoken with his parents before, and they are very nice, I'm just worried about not letting my quirks get the better of me and making the wrong impression.

We both also plan on trying to attend RTX as a couple next summer.. I also hope to attend either Comic Con or Anime Expo next year with him too.. keyword here: MAYBE. Hopefully if things go right financially- and I'll be graduating next Spring..

I don't even know if this journal came out sounding right- my thoughts are so jumbled.