So I've realized this year is Hello Kitty's 40th anniversary. It is crazy to think that cute little cat is just as popular now as when our parents were teenagers. Pretty much every little girl ever (even the ones like me who didn't bother with all that pink frilly stuff) has had something Hello Kitty related in their lives. I had the luck to grow up with some gorgeous little vintage Hello Kitty toys given to me by my mom's cousin that she actually got when her dad was stationed overseas, probably right around the time it originated. It's enough to make me all blubbery with nostalgia. Hello Kitty came even before Garfield, and I've got some heavy Garfield nostalgia as well, I admit. I've sat down and tried to think of all the "famous" cats around now, and there are plenty hanging around the internet: Lolcats, Nyan Cat, Simon's Cat, Maru, Pusheen, Boggart, Princess Monster Truck, Grumpy Cat, and countless others. It makes me wonder where they would be without Hello Kitty and Garfield. So, here's to the ones that came before! :3