Might as well do a Life Update as well!

So let's see *looks at past Journals* Oh my.... Did I ever make an update post? Oh, there's one. Years ago. Because things never changed.

So you know how I was a Big Rig mechanic? I worked this place called One Stop Shop, a small fleet repair shop. Trucks came in, we'd do oil changes (those engines take 10 gallons of oil, and 15 gallons of coolant), minor repairs, brakes, wheels seals, that kind of good stuff. And I worked there for about 2 and half years. Almost 3. And the "schedule" I had just sucked everything. (Long story...)

Then I got what, in our field, consider a promotion! I was putting in applications at shops (at my manager's recommendation), and landed a interview and got hired on, the same week, at the local Peterbuilt Truck Dealership! Better pay, better working environment, all the special tools to make jobs easier, lots of help. It's like a dream job here, folks!

Anyways, I have been fixin' trucks there for about 4 months, learning lots, and getting along with most of the other guys. Having a bunch of issues with the new Foreman, but he's leaving in 2 weeks, so the problem should fix itself.

Other then that.... Oh yeah. So you know of those pony conventions that been popping up around the world? Well, one is here in the Bay Area, called BABSCon. Last year (April '14) was the first year. Being myself, I put in an application to become a staff. About a month goes by, I didn't get any response back, so I sent an email to them, saying "what's up, can I help with anything?" And I got a message saying "Yeah, we're really busy here..... say.... Can you make the monthly meetings? (yes...) Do you want to be the Second of Volunteers Department?"
Now, little back story... I've worked FanimeCon Rovers for now 5 years. I know the gist of working and running cons....... as a regular staff member. I've never been in a supervisory role. I don't know the first thing about being a Second to a department! So of course I said yes.

So went to a few meetings, getting friendly with the other Staff, and the question goes out "So we need an HR person. Guy who is it, isn't doing a good job [read: not one bit], and it's basically just checking the org charts and getting staff into placement."
And same thing like Volunteer department, I volunteered for that too.

SO THEN the guy who is my department Lead gets that nasty little bug called "life" and had to step away. Sends out his resignation email, oh, by the way, you're in charge now.


Let's recap now. Here I was, just getting settled into the "higher-up" job for the first time, at a first year con, am now running 2 different departments. Long story short, I redid a lot of stuff to make it work, and it must of payed off, because I was praised a lot...

Anyways, Con comes, and I was busy, lot of fun running those Volunteers. And we where expecting only 1,000 to come, tops..... but we managed to get over 2,300! And I must have done a good job, because I was invited (with gusto!) to come back and do the same thing again for "this" year, BABS 15!
shamless plug

Anyways, there it is. I'm a dealership mechanic, and a Division and Department head for a pony convention now, as well as a CAP Senior Member (1st LT now, hooyah). Life is.... rather good.

Hey, hit me up on Skype, dammit! I love talking to friends! spartan.064, or jetsteam101

Talk to you later, folks.