Every time I come in here, I apologise for not being active. Well not this time. You know I have been neglecting you, so why rub your noses in it?

It's been chaotic at my end and so while I have managed to keep up with the new season of RvB (It's a habit I don't even want to kick) there hasn't been much time for anything else. Still, I love that this was my first foray into a virtual community so I thought I'd come back in and ramble and see if any of the old gang are still around.

Did I mention the new job? Yeah, I know I did. It's crazy busy as we try to prepare for closed beta in 6 weeks time. We've written 40,000 words of back story and world bible since I started and have probably another 50-100K to go in terms of documentation etc. Still, it is fascinating to create this entire fiction that plays out as an allegory, finding creative ways to tell familiar stories and burying easter eggs in the bqack story that maybe noone will find but we know are there.

Did I mention my official title is 'Worldbuilder'?
Yeah, that's a kick-ass business card right there.

In other news, I don't know if I mentioned I've also taken up fencing. The swashbuckling kind, not the home-repair / yard boundary kind.

My son has been part of a junior fencing club for a couple of years and I went along to support him, then started helping out. My background in youth work made it easy, and while the coach is a good swordsman, he didn't have much in the way of crowd control skills. So next thing I know, I'm assistant coach and have joined the senior club and am LOVING IT. It's amazing exercise with a diverse and interesting crowd of really good people. I'm not great, but i'm starting to hold my own in Epee (my preferred weapon and the club majority choice). Under a handicap system I managed third in last year's club champs. This year I know my handicap will be seriously reduced so I don't like my chances, but who knows? Being tall, I have at least 3-5 inches extra reach on anyone else there, which is often my saving grace!

Also, I wore my Achievement Hunter T shirt (the one Jack gave me when i dropped in to RT studios a few years back) and one of the other guys recognised it. Turns out he's a big RT / RvB fan too (though not active on the site these days, if he ever was). Small world!

Otherwise, life marches on. Had to upgrade the car to a newer Loser Cruiser (Minivan to our American friends), still living semi-rural and enjoying it, still haven't made any progress on the novel that is percolating on my hard drive. But I'm young yet. I only just hit 40...