In 2012, I joined one of the coolest groups on the planet. That group is known as Rooster Speak. Unfortunately, I didn't join the group until after my first RTX. It was cool experience, but rather lonely.

Fast forward through two years, I have made awesome friends who I believe are closer than anyone I know in "real life." I have joined game nights, movie nights, TinyChats, Google Hangouts, Skype calls and RTX 2013 was one of the most memorable things I have done. I am truly thankful that I can call each member of Rooster Speak my friend.

However, I have this nasty habit of turning up when I'm least expected. Such as at RvBTO 2011, when I jumped in and sang Tribute as Kyle with @DangerousDan. Probably rude of me to do that in hindsight, but I can't change the past.

Another happened more recently. A few months before joining Rooster Speak, I managed to play Halo: Reach with a large group of Rooster Speakers. Who all in this group? Well, here it is.


That match was a few days after my first RTX, and I managed to get into those games via @Razzed, so if you want to blame anyone, you can blame him (sorta, @LepraSaun was actually the one who told me about Rooster Speak during RTX '12).

So, if you didn't bother to read the journal, I was playing with you guys when I didn't even know it was cool to play with you guys. You are a bunch of hipsters that took me into the fold, and I can't wait for RTX '14 next week so I can hang out with you guys again!