So you'll probably see everyone trying to be wise and stuff with RTX advise and shit. Most of the stuff you probably already know. But here we go anyway.

1.) Prepare for disappointment. Okay that may sound bad, but it is impossible to everything, but if you are prepared you can do the things you want most. Look at panels and signing times and schedule your weekend around that.
2.) Water. If you don't know. Texas is hot, its also hot in a room with 30k people. So don't forget to drink and drink water. Soda and alcohol won't hydrate you as well. What I did every night was freeze about 5 bottles of water. Then take 2 with me to the convention centre (1 to share).
3.) Deodorant. Get some power with Old Spice. But for real, this one thing I'm conscious about since I don't have a sense of smell. Use good deodorant and shower. (Take a roll on with you to the con if needed)
4.) GIVE PEOPLE SPACE! Yes you're excited to meet staff, but don't swarm them. And if they look like they're busy... They're probably busy, let them be, you may get a chance to meet them later.
5.) Respect the damn guardians. Guardians are just like you, except they gotta work and keep the con going. Treat them with respect.
6.) Don't deep throat any microphones or be too creepy.

Those are my general tips, see you next week smiley0.gif