I'm gonna be honest with you.
I've had the worst day in all kinds of ways. July 6 is basically the worst day of the year for me, and atop of that other things happened today and I've been crying my eyes out for the entire evening and I feel like utter shite. I still wonder how a human can produce such a great amount of snot in such a short time. Like, seriously, where the fuck is that coming from.

Desperate for any kind of distraction, first thing I do is log in on RT and find Zack's message, so I check my Vine, like he said.

And there you guys are..! <3


Three beautiful friendships smiling and greeting me with the sweetest, cutest little message from RTX.

That was the most unexpected, yet the best cheer up I can possibly imagine.
And after being caked in this giant gross pile of emotions for the entire day, it made me cry all over again.
It just made me so happy! I can't stop watching it!

Thank you, seriously.
I love you guys <333

/cheezy mode off

Now let's hump faces and hambone people.