I love this game so much. It's a gay furry dating sim and this boy named hiroyuki nishimura who moved 5 years ago from the rural country to the city. He gets a letter from a friend of his named Torahiko(tiger) that he should visited him during summer vacation. He meets up with Torahiko and few other friends from his childhood like Juuchi(Bear),Tatsuki(dragon),Kouya(husky),Shun(wolf),kounosuke(tanuki),kyoji(Labrador),Shin(cat) and new friend Soutarou(lion) and over the course of the summer you go on adventures and have fun but you also end developing feelings for one these guys. But so far only 6 of 9 guys are dateable(Torahiko,Kyoji and Soutarou are not available yet maybe in a later patch)

It's a great visual novel game with bunch of awesome moments ranging from funny to sad. And you also quite a few endings for each guy as well.