RTX this week was a blast.
On the pre-registration I ran into Barbara and Adam Ellis and it was so surreal meeting them in real life and knowing that they are actually real haha. This was my first RTX and I was beyond excited to be going to the convention. First day was a great experience met a lot of really nice people and got a drawing from Luke which made my day the highlight of that day was getting to meet the Burnie Burns, founder of Rooster Teeth. He was a really nice and funny guy, he even was a little late to a event, because he wanted to make sure that he signed some of the fans and pictures with them. Second day was even better than the first. Not only did my friend cosplayed as Mr. Diddlez we got into the mystery signing of Blaine and the Rismongler. Got to take a gains picture with Blaine and got flipped off by the Rismongler. Third day was the best and the craziest out them all. Got into the Ray and Jack signing and finally got to meet my favorite Rooster Teeth employee, Ray, Meeting Ray was I think the best part of my day. Adding on to that I got into the signing for Jordan Cwierz and Brandon Farmahini and got to see Brandon Make a fool out of himself. Finally I got another picture with Barbara while waiting for a mystery signing and it turns out the mystery signing was none other than the original team best friend, Gus and Geoff. after getting their signatures I was told to get the fuck out by Geoff which was exciting and immediately ran into Chris and got a picture with him. In the last moments I got to see Ryan, Kdin, and Cati before the convention ended.
With all the happened this weekend I thought this was a great weekend, probably the best week of my life. I can't wait for next years RTX and I know i'm gonna bring a lot more money next year so I can spend it on more Rooster Teeth gear.