On the 4th I wanted to for sure go to the RWBY panel, and I was able to get it. I was at the panel with Nick, Gabby, Issa and @jteeth where we had an awesome time.

They played the first episode, and no spoilers from me! All I will say though is that Sun is a freaking nerd and I love it.

After that, I went to the RT store and grabbed the RTX 2014 shirt and one of the tank tops. Last year I didn't get any of the con items and this time I wanted to make sure I did.

Once I was done in the store I met again with Gabby and Issa where we waited to try and get to see Michael and Lindsay. I saw @emireeboard and she was by herself, I had her come up with me and I'm glad I did because holy shota it was ridiculous.

There was no real system since this was the first time for like, real signature times and schedules and whatnot. People were shoving and pushing and seriously being ridiculous. Issa has a bad knee and it got hurt real bad because of the ruckus. But the four of us got in safely afterwards.

While in line, we all pretty much doodle. Emily was able to finish her drawings of Michael and Lindsay. She had them sign the drawings she did and gave Michael the original sketch of the picture she did for his new Twitter banner. I was able to give Michael and Lindsay the art I did for them as well.

And I think that was pretty much all of that day.