So on the 5th, still cool and everything, but I was a bit upset when Gabby, Issa and I went to get in line to see the lovely Ramseys. Issa's knee was acting up, it was so bad he could barely walk without being in some degree of pain. It made me upset because it was crazy that there was even a mob, and the fact that one of us got hurt from it was just dumb.

So after a bit of talking with guardians and explaining everything, he was pretty much flagged as a disabled. And with disables you get a plus one, and Issa and Gabby are siblings and she knew more about his injury and whatnot and should stay with him, but for this instance they were kind enough to let me stay with them.

While in line, I saw @Caiti from across the way. I knew I shouldn't have, but I had huge doubts I would see her or Jack later on. So I told Gabby I'd be right back and went over. I apologized first thing when I approached her but I wanted to give her my gift since it was my wedding gift to them. And it was nice talking to her again was awesome and she's just as sweet as I remember. Another person or two noticed her but it wasn't bad. I still felt awful for almost causing people to come to her when I honestly did not want that to happen to her. Last thing I wanted.

I went back to the siblings and waited and chatted and blah blah in line. So in the end of this whole mess we got to them, they had Millie with them, who is the cutest little thing ever. Gabby and I gave them our drawings and were pretty much set from there.

For some time before the next thing I wanted to do, we just chilled. I forget who I was with, which sucks because I really should. But I bet it was with someone super cool and friendly.

Next thing I did was Kara and Monty signing with Dez. Which was pretty cool. Went without a stag of any kind. I apologized to Monty about the scuffle we had at the charity dinner, and he was pretty cool and laughed at the matter. I didn't have anything for them individually, but I had something for them together and all of the other RWBY gang and whatnot. Not really gonna say what it is here because of reasons, not any bad reasons just wanna keep it a surprise from a certain someone for as long as I can. Either way the two liked it and I can't wait for them to see what's on it.

After that Dez and I met up with some of his friends and went to the RWBY screening together and that was pretty cool.

Pretty sure everything after that was more hanging with friends and talking about all we had done so far and just about stuff in general.