The 7th was the last day of the con, and I only really had one thing I wanted to do this day. I wanted to see Burnie and give him what I had from him. His signing was one of the first one in the morning and that meant I had to get up early if I wanted to get there.

And I did! I got there, I got in with Dez and it was all great. Gave him what I drew and told him how much this company and everyone apart of it mean to me. And that was pretty much that.

Sam, Bunny and I went to the Slow Mo Guys panel and had fun going to that. And I believe that was the end of the con day for us. We all hung out together as much as we could before some of us headed over to the RoosterSpeak dinner.

Saw faces I'd seen all weekend so far, saw from last year I hadn't seen yet and saw new ones. I hung out with almost everyone I wanted to, some more than others sadly, since I didn't want to stop anyone from talking and seeing who they wanted to as well.

Eventually we had to leave where we were since we had the place till 10, we left at like 10:20 because we're slow and terrible people. SideQuest was nice enough to let us join them at their lounge event and that's where most of us migrated next.

Talked and hung out with people still. Got to see Burnie again and talk about socks, like I wish I could do one day. He's apparently coming to Vegas next weekend. I told him that at Mandalay Bay there is a store entirely for socks and that's where I get all my good ones. He told me there was one like that in I wanna say Seattle, I can't remember. Talked to Caleb again, talked about how awesome the community is and how its great to see them and for them to see us and just all that crazy stuff.

Now as much fun as I was having, by end time I was a bit strung up and on edge on the inside. And when 12 hit, it was pretty much the dam breaking.

Now being in Vegas, I'm freaking spoiled you can say. There you can be underage and in a restaurant with a bar as long as you don't sit at the bar. But I guess Austin, or at least in a lot of the places around where were, you can't be in the place after a certain hour if there's a bar. And they made an except for SideQuest. And once things ended up stairs all the underage people had to leave or they would be in trouble. And that meant me.

I wanted to still hang with everyone, but I didn't want to ask and take someone anyway just to walk me back to my hotel if they wanted to stay. I didn't want to make anyone stop what they were doing and stop their fun to help me, just because I have a hard time being alone and especially in places I'm not familiar with.

I ended up breaking down to where I actually started tearing up and crying a bit and I felt like the biggest baby ever. But @Monica and @KempoB were truly amazing helped me calm down and get me smiling again enough to where we could walk my butt back safely.

And it worked, until I got back to my room where I honestly broke back down again. I'm pretty sure it was half from the stuff before and up to that, and possibly half from I think it hit me I won't get to see these amazing people for probably another year. I don't know if I was like that until the moment I passed out, I asked Nick if I made any weird noise when I was laying down. He said possibly, I asked if I was crying or sniffling and he said yes. Crap.

But it is what it is, I know Monica and Spencer said it was ok and everything but I still feel awful even though I also acknowledge at the same time that I was ok to what to spend time with people but not want to make them stop what they're doing to just help me and do what I want/need to have done.