The 8th which is my last full day in Austin, was pretty tame compared to the other. For obvious reasons yeah but still.

Saw @Aztag09 luckily before he had to get going. Saw Erik and Drew before they had to leave. Saw Jordan again before he had to dump his stuff off somewhere for the day. I met Liana again but I guess I really met her this time. We walked around and talked for about a hour or so.

After a bit, Sam, Dez and a couple other of us went to Wahoo's to get lunch and just hang out there for a bit. A few of us parted ways after that and we found Jordan again. Hung out and relaxed in the room before going to get doughnuts at Gordough's. I only ate half of mine and saved the rest for later, and holy cow it's sooooo good.

We wanted and planned to see HTTYD2 but we missed the show time we were gonna see. So for the most part we all did our own things. Sam and Dez went to the room, I guess Jordan had an one man lobby party, and Nick and myself went to meet up with Jayce and friends to go grab dinner.

Which was a bit of struggle to find a place not closed or had the same no underage in the place after a certain hour rule. But we eventually found a place, it was alright but we kind of had to suck it up. Jayce needed to eat and then get to bed because her flight was way early in the morning.

After dinner Nick and I pretty much went up to the room and just hung around with Sam and Dez for the rest of the night.