As the pictures have teases, here is my interview with the GameOverGreggy Greg Miller for Constantly Calibrating.. BEYOND!

Greg Miller interview:


I have to say, the event over all was a life changing experience for me. This moment here was the kickoff and highlight for me. I had an opportunity to do something I never thought I would have a chance to do in my life. This has inspired me to keep doing what I found I love to do, and that something serious can come from this.

Greg is really an awesome, and kind guy. He invited me to just hang out and chat a bit before the interview, gave us advice, and he was extremely helpful through out this whole process. He did not have to share the extremely touchy story that he did with us. Not to mention he has helped with promoting this interview with his own profiles and You Tube and Twitter. Thank you so much Greg, you probably will never see this, but your interview is the inspiring point to pursue what I really want to do, and not just go along with the normal flow of my life.

Another special thank you for @namrevlisj and @wayneEMC. We killed it this weekend with how much content we covered with a three man group. Would have to take up another separate journal to fit in all my thanks for these two dudes.