Well considering I've been home a week, I suppose now is a good time to post my obligatory first time RTX journal.

The whole thing certainly was a learning experience, being both my first con AND my first road trip with friends. Aside from a booking mix-up through Expedia (I don't recommended them) that put us further away from the convention center, everything else went smoothly!
I quickly learned that waiting was something to get used to, whether at a restaurant or for an autograph. I wish the RT staff were more accessible, considering that's what people are mostly there for, but I suppose that's what happens when 30,000 people attend. smiley4.gif

First day was uneventful, though thanks to that alarm I managed to run into @Kerry and @Miles on the street (shaking Miles' hand after attending his RvB panel was very surreal.)
Second day was easily my highlight because of Retsupurae! Not many RTX goers were familiar with them, so I ended up getting to spend most of their autograph session just hanging out with them and trying not to fanboy too hard. Beetus and Slowbeef were more than kind to let me hang around them for the better part of the hour smiley12.gif

Despite RWBY not really being my thing, I went to the Season 1 screening that night. The crowd made it mostly fantastic to watch, there was a just a very awesome vibe in the room of unbridled nerdy joy. Kudos to some kid's parents in front of me though, who sat through the entire thing looking extremely confused.

The last day was more relaxed. I sat in line for about 3 hours for the Matt & Kara signing (curse you, Weiss fangirls...), to get a signature for my classic Sarge shirt. Worth it!
Met a few fans that night, including RT users @SirPickles and @GingerSinge smiley13.gif Very cool people that we had a great time with over delicious Homeslice pizza.

Hopefully if I get the chance to go again, I'll be more prepared! Still though 10/10 would do again.