Now that I have some time, finally time to do one of these I think. As soon as I was done work on Tuesday, July 2nd, I went straight home to finish packing. I couldn't wait for the whole event to start as well as I was soon to be meeting one of the best friends that I've made on this very website. So while I could lie and say I went to bed in a timely manner, I'd be lying. Instead, I stayed up playing Counter Strike: Global Offensive till about 5 am. After that, I bought a few things I needed for the trip and got my ass over to the local Chevy dealer. I had an appointment to tune up my car before I go. So I sat there for like a hour, dying of sleep deprivation because I'm a moron.

I finally got onto the road and going about 11-12 am. I got the fuck out of Jacksonville, and about halfway across Florida when I finally decided to pull over to pass out. Didn't get to sleep for long as it being the middle of summer, I did nothing but sweat and overheat and woke up. But I got a hour or two in and continued driving. I gave myself 24 hours for what was essentially a 15 hour drive. I had plenty of time to get there.

I stopped maybe 3 more times. Mostly because I didn't sleep at all on Tuesday night... Pro tip: If you ever plan a drive that long, make sure you get plenty of sleep before hand. Anyway, I got to Austin around 10:30 am and got my ass straight to the convention center. Registration was at noon, so I figured I'd get in, get out, and get on my way. I walked around for a bit before getting in line because it was a pretty big place. While doing that I ran into Gus and had a quick chat with him, he was still helping everything and getting the place set up for the next day. Then Barbara came down the escalator, she didn't stop to talk to too many people but waved and said hi to everyone.

I got Chase and I's badges in like 5 minutes once the doors opened. So I hopped over to the hotel to shower. I unpacked, got to smelling better then I had, and waited to go to the airport for Chase to arrive. I left a hour early not realizing it because my watch was still set to Eastern Standard Time. But while in the airport, I ran into a whole lot of people who were attending RTX. I was easily identifiable thanks to the RTX badge, and they were easily identifiable thanks to the amount of shirts RoosterTeeth sells. But Chase arrived, we had our bro moment, and we got our asses back to the hotel.

We decided to take a note from the podcast and go get Homeslice for dinner. I'll post a pic, when I can but take my word for it, it was excellent pizza. The next three days, the days of the convention are actually a blur. So much happened and we were on the floor or at a panel most of our time. We ended up going out to lunch a few times. We had a blast.

I can't thank the people at RoosterTeeth that put that whole event together. Barbara and Gus, you guys are awesome! Everyone was nice, the Guardians were cool as shit, and the only time I saw someone a little sour was when they didn't get to ask their questions. And I know you guys would of liked to take them if you had the time, but sadly it doesn't always work out like that.

So till hopefully next year RTX. And Chase, it was awesome finally meeting you in person. We definitely need to do that shit again and get Adam involved. Kinda sucked that Aaron couldn't go but we made the best of it.