The Story of Ranos Kasai (the Wanderer)

(This is a quick note to make. All content regarding the anime RWBY is the sole right of Rooster Teeth and its creator, Monty Oum. Most of what will be told in this story is based on theory related to the anime that may or may not have been stated clearly in the long going story, but a close interpretation of the story aspect of the anime itself. I hope you will enjoy the story of this man and the road he travelled in the world known as Remnant.)

This song best describes the story of Ranos Kasai and makes an appropriate theme song for him:

Still Undefeated by Daughtry:

Art Work of Ranos and his weapon (Apologizes if the art work was not the best, but it was the best that I can make and I am proud of what I have made):




Although humanity has founded kingdoms in the world of Remnant, there are those who have had to live outside the walls of the four kingdoms located in all corners of the world. One of these few people, who fit this description in particular, is a man by the name of Ranos. When Ranos was born, his family was living out in a secluded region in the middle of nowhere. Unfortunately, since they lived in seclusion, Ranos and his family had to deal with many creatures of grim that wonder close to their home regularly as time passes. How they managed to live for as long as they did is because of his father, who was a huntsman that wielded an ax, forged by the strongest of flames. There was also a rumor that Ranos' father had fought in the last war, which was proven evident since the ax his father carried has shown signs of cracks, breaks, and even the blood of his enemies that still remained. The ax was little more than a relic at this point, but it still held together when his father had to protect his family. The mother, on the other hand, was another story. She was a kind, gentle soul who took care of Ranos as a child. Even in the face of danger, his mother always held a smile and gave Ranos a confident look saying everything will be alright. However, Ranos had suspected there was something about his mother that seemed different when he looks up to his father, but at a young age he never quite understood why he suspected anything. The family lived their lives for the past eleven years together despite the many confrontations with the creatures of grim, ranging from small ones like the Boarbatusk to some of the more ferocious creatures like the Ursa and Death Stalker.

However, even a single individual will end up facing a tragedy at one point in their life that would shape him/her into the person they will become in the future. Unfortunately for Ranos, that day came when a Nevermore, Death stalker, and King Taijitu attacked the family. Ranos' father held them off and manages to slew the Death Stalker, but sadly was bitten by the King Taijitu as he body begins to falter from exhaustion and his aura was too weak to protect him from the piercing strike of the serpents' fangs. Even the very ax he fought with eventually shattered during the confrontation and he fell to the King Taijitu. Ranos just looked in horror as he bore witness to his father killed in battle, especially since he looked up to him as he was growing up. As he continues to space out from the witness of his father's untimely death, Ranos' mother grabbed his hand and they tried to run away from the King Taijitu and Nevermore that were chasing them next. Unfortunately, as the two tried to escape, the Nevermore launched a barrage of feathers at Ranos and his mother, one of the feathers pinned his mother and she could not get away as the feather manages to pierce her leg. Ranos tried all he could to help free her, but his mother told him to run away and don't look back. What made this even more upsetting for Ranos was that she smiled at him instead of showing signs of fear. After a futile attempt to free his mother, Ranos did as his mother told him and ran as far away as he could. It was not long until the Nevermore and King Taijitu approached the wounded mother and ended her life. Ranos could hear the sound of his mother brutal death and he just collapsed to ground with tears in his eyes as he was on his knees. Alone and out in the unknown wilderness of Remnant, Ranos was not certain what he will do or what he will face as he travels alone, leaving behind everything he had ever known.