So, after having 7+ months to look back on last years albums... I've come up with a final Top 10. It varies from the initial rankings I gave them at the end of 2013, go figure. I'll give a short run down of each album... And tell you where it was ranked initially.

#10 Escape the Fate - Ungrateful (end of 2013 rank: 11); This album is still a great anthem album. Far from perfect, but still a good listen.

#9 Trivium - Vengeance Falls (end of 2013 rank: honorable mention); I didn't get this album til right before the end of the year and in my end of the year review I noted that it could probably make the top 15 with more listens. I wasn't wrong. A very hard, complex, and lengthy album; I'd recommend it to any metal or prog metal fan.

#8 Coheed and Cambria - The Afterman; Descension (end of 2013 rank: 4); A great concept album, but has fallen slightly out of my favor recently. Not entirely sure why. I'd still recommend it highly.

#7 Asking Alexandria - From Death to Destiny (end of 2013 rank: unranked); I knew about this album when it came out, but couldn't listen to it because Spotify didn't have it in its entirety (one of the very few times Spotify has failed me). But about three months ago I discovered that the entire album was out and immediately picked it up. I'm very happy I did; it's just as good as I was hoping. "KIlling You" and "Moving On" are the highlights of this pounding album.

#6 A Day to Remember - Common Courtesy (end of 2013 rank: 10); The more I listen to this album, the more I enjoy it. A really great effort by a band I wasn't a huge fan of before this album. "Sometimes You're the Hammer, Sometimes You're the Nail" , "End of Me", and "I'm Already Gone" are the highlights of this album, which has a very personal feel.

#5 Queens of the Stone Age - ...Like Clockwork (end of 2013 rank: 7); This album hasn't moved all that much. It's this high up because I wasn't a huge fan of this band beforehand, as I hadn't heard much from them. But this album is really great; it's an easy, and yet, complex listen. I saw them live in Bangor this summer and it was fucking amazing!

(for the record, the gap from #5 to #4 is fairly drastic)

#4 Avenged Sevenfold - Hail to the King (end of 2013 rank: 3); I had incredibly high expectations for this album (kind of what happens with a personal favorite band), and while I didn't completely deliver on those expectations, it's still an incredible album. Arin did an admirable job taking The Rev's place as drummer; and the guitarist duo of Zacky and Gates is at the absolute top of their game. I've viewed this album a much more refined "City of Evil", with its long, guitar-oriented songs, and there isn't much I can complain about there. An absolute must-have album for any current metal fan. And really, in a class it's own in respects to the guitar work (at least for albums released this year).

#3 Karnivool - Asymmetry (end of 2013 rank: 14); This album is, simply put, is an absolutely amazing work of art. This is the only album on this list that every single time I listen to it, I like it more. I almost can't put it to words. Seriously, go pick it up. Right now.

#2 Black Veil Brides - The Wretched and Divine; The Story of the Wild Ones (end of 2013 rank: 2); I have a soft spot in my heart for good concept albums... and this album gets bonus points for being exactly that. A good concept album makes you want to listen to the entirety of the album after hearing one song (i.e. Pink Floyd and "The Wall"), and this album does exactly that. The final 10 minutes of this album, especially, is some of my favorite music, not just from last year, but ever. It also helps to have seen most of the album live (god that was an amazing concert, too).

(remember how I said the gap from 5 to 4 was drastic? Well... Imagine every single album I listened to last year added together and then multiply it by... say, 100? You still won't be close to my #1 album)

#1 Bring Me The Horzion - Sempiternal (end of 2013 rank: 1); Where to start...? Well, this album was critically acclaimed by pretty much any reviewer, myself included, obviously. It landed in the #6 spot on Metal Hammer's "Top 50 albums of 2013" countdown, and with incredibly good reason. I can't describe how much I love this album, but you can go check out my review from last year when it first came out, here;

Put simply, this is by and far my favorite album, and not just of 2013, but ever. This was an incredible effort and will be incredibly hard to match in the future.