Well I will say that my first story I pieced together for my Original Character Ranos Kasai has been one of my best stories I have ever done. I think I will try to make a little Story series about this team, which takes place during a time before the events of RWBY Volume 1. The first few will introduce the other members of the Team and then we get down to the actual story about the team itself. I wish I was able to do an animation for this, but I lack the ability to do so and I do better as a story teller and sketch art.

I plan to make these a once a month post so I don't rush these stories and to give me some time to work on some personal art work, which reflects the story as well as including a song I know of that fits into the story I post so people can relate to it much like how RWBY has done a fantastic job on the choice of song during an episode and in the end credits. I know my classes at UH will keep me busy so once a month is a fair time frame for each story post.

I hope you all will enjoy these stories and look forward to seeing them as time goes by.