Well it seems like this week is going to be absolutely nuts. First is the final test for my summer class, which is on Wednesday in the evening. Even when I do decide to rest from that, the family and I have to leave to Canada early in the morning on Thursday. Not by air at all however, instead we're driving over to there. That's right, about 24 hours worth of driving all to attend my cousin wedding ceremony out in Montreal. I am looking forward to going there, but the method of transportation is the nutty part of the whole trip. Reminds me of that one time we drove all the way to California to visit relatives there as well. We will spend about the next five or six days out there until we have to drive all the way back to Sugar land, TX from Montreal and that won't be until Tuesday.

So all in all, This will be another crazy week for me to handle during the last leg of the summer before Fall semester kicks back up on the 25th of August. Guess we'll see how things play out in the long run.

^_^ '