It's been a while since I made a vid. I found out I was pregnant in May so that put a roadblock in a lot of things. Super happy though! I've been having major issues with my landlord, had money troubles trying to find a new place but that's all sorted too. Figured I'd celebrate with a new vid.

- achievement hunter | heists

- achievement hunter | headphones
- roosterteeth | anything (approved by chris and JJ)
- michael&gavin | the boy saw a comet
- geoff ramsey | invincible
- achievement hunter | on top of the world
- michael&lindsay | all this time (approved by lindsay)
- michael&gavin | team nice dynamite
- michael jones | it's mogar
- rwby | we can make the world stop (approved by monty)
- gavin free | here it goes again (approved by gavin on facebook)
- roosterteeth | ten years
- achievement hunters | the coolest people on the planet (approved by michael, jack, gavin and ray)
- ray narvaez jr | going cakeless (approved by ray)
- michael&gavin | video game boyfriends