So on Tuesday I started my "new" job in Belfast.

...I'm back to being a McSlave.

But, you know what, honestly, of the four jobs I've had, it's truly the one that I've enjoyed the most and that has brought the best things into my life. It's always been a steady paycheck, for one. It keeps me busy, for two. And lastly, some of the people it's brought into my life, well, let's just say I can't easily forget some of them.

It's incredible how much I remember after 4, almost 5 months out of the job. I've need zero "training", and that's really helped me. I got 31 hours this week... first week. Christ, that'll help my current financial "situation" (situation meaning I've made $30 since July 22nd).

But, like the title suggests, nothing has changed. It's still the same job, just a different surrounding. I'm ready for the new challenge that brings!

Anyway, life update complete... How about some music?

The Epilogue - ' ' '  (Crosses)