I havent posted on here in a while so hi! Updates about me:
After RTX Tessa came up to Michigan to visit me and we had so many adventures! Like going to Warped Tour. I could go on and on about how that was so amazing and perfect with my wonderful friend there but I'd run out of room! >.<
Then shortly after that I went to St. Louis to visit Eric. He payed for my plane ticket aww he's so lovely smiley12.gif . We ended up doing a bunch of stuff (only because his mom was a huge cockblock and wanted us to go outside and do shit EVERY DAY). It was a wonderful and also horrible time (I blame his parents and brother). I'm still happy I was able to go and spend time with him.
Then just a few days ago I moved back into my college dorm. I have the same room in the same hall as last year. Different roommates though. Yet, the people in the room next to me are the same people from last year. The ones who blast rap music and turn the bass up so high it vibrates my walls and everything on my desk. Yaaaaaayyy smiley2.gif
But that's been my life recently, how have YOU all been? Anything major? smiley0.gifsmiley12.gifsmiley13.gif