I have never been more exhausted in my life than I was yesterday! We had a call time of 11:30 am which was followed by an hour long practice in uniform. The guard uniform is made of a velvet tunic and velvet pants so I probably sweat off half my weight during that hour. Then we marched over to Kauffman Mall (the main green space on campus) and did a small pep rally. When we went into the caf we were given boxed lunches which were super yummy and were able to actually sit down for an hour (praise Jesus!).
After lunch we went to the stairs of the Webb Center, the student center, and did a longer pep rally on the stairs.We marched over to the stadium and got to have a few cups of water before lining up for pregame. The color guard spins 8 FT POLES during pregame which is a struggle and a half!! While we're in the stands, we aren't allowed to sit down unless a player is injured (my legs still ache). Not to mention I didn't think to put on sunscreen so I have a really fricking bad sunburn smiley4.gif
Our halftime show was an arrangement of Happy and I was so excited to perform again! The stadium houses 20,000 fans and I love performing for big crowds so that was awesome! We were given apples to eat once we got back to the stands and that apple tasted yummier than ice cream in that moment. Kick off had been at 3:30 and it was around 7:45 when the game ended. It took me about twice as long to get back to my dorm since I was so tired. I set up Netflix and finished the first season of Black Butler then went to bed.
Overall it was a really great day and I can't wait for this coming weekend when we go one the road to North Carolina for an away game!!