The world we live in now is a world where being gay isn't an uncommon thing, so if a person "acts" gay a person will make the assumption that they are, without even asking the person, in fact I was once told to stop acting the way I do in order to make it easier for people, bullshit.

A couple years ago in school, I got into a fight with someone, I started it, was the fight has been broken up, a teacher pulled me aside and asked me if it was a homophobic attack, I responded by say I don't think the other person was gay, the teacher then said "No against you" I was speechless, not only had she assumed I was gay, but also that I was the victim, I started the fight because I hated the sound of the guys voice, I know but I was a child.

Now I've been considering if I should start introducing myself as straight, but no, instead I'll just direct anyone who's confused about me to this journal entry.