As it's the day before Destiny goes live, and some parts of the world already are logging in and getting there game on (lucky bastards), I'd just like to say to everyone happy hunting!

However, if you would like to join a clan that wants to do the end game raids, see everything there is to see, and find some of the best loot around well look no further than my clan! Steel Fuuria, located at the link, is going to be my main clan unless it dies like so many things before it. However, me and some of my friends are going to try to make it a place where anyone is welcome. From old friends of ours from this community to any and all newcomers! I welcome you with open arms and will see you tonight at midnight, eastern standard time. If you care to join me, don't be shy. My gamertag is InsaneDarkCloud.

Until then Guardian. I'll see you in the stars.