Hey guys, long time no see, amirite? It's been a really hectic couple of months, what with leaving uni and trying to find full time employment, and then this whole thing (that's finally happening ohmygod I'm so anxious) that's happening tomorrow. It's been crazy.

So. Independence. The referendum.

I'm shitting my pants thinking about it.

For those of you who are unaware or have been listening to newscasters who have no idea what they're talking about (naming no names, but yeah BBC and CNN) the people of Scotland vote tomorrow on whether or not we want to become separated from the UK.

Don't confuse this with becoming a separate country (CNN), which is commonly misconstrued. We are already a separate country, Scotland is part of a union with England, N. Ireland and Wales. What the Scottish National Party is vying for is for us to leave the union and govern ourselves. We already have our own parliament, but it's devolved and we still follow Westminster's lead down in London.

There are many reasons for this, one of the most prominent being that Scotland has consistently voted for parties other than Conservative, and yet for 30+ years we have been ruled by Tories. Many people are sick of being ignored by Westminster and are tired of being treated as lesser citizens. We are not the only country in the union to feel this way.

Personally, I am a strong Yes voter (Yes for independence) and up until a week ago was positive we would see a majority Yes vote come the 18th September. Unfortunately the Better Together campaign has been out in force with scaremongering stories trying to sway the undecided voters and turn the unsure Yes voters.

The truth of the matter is this: Scotland leaving the UK would have a colossal effect on the UK economy. There's no two ways about it, especially if we are denied the use of the pound as a currency. This has been one of the staple points in the better together campaign - Scotland will be unable to use the pound.

This is utter rubbish.

If Westminster denied the use of the pound to Scotland, England's economy would collapse on itself. If Scotland leaves and takes it's oil revenues with it, England's economy will collapse in on itself. If England cannot come to terms with the fact there is a very huge change that Scotland will leave, England's economy will collapse on itself because they have no other plan in place.

Reading that back, it does seem a little fatalistic and dramatic, but really...there's no other way I can put it without censoring myself. I'm not the most eloquent debater in case you haven't already observed. Probably not convincing anyone with this tirade either but hey ho.

I can't fully summarise everything that is happening right now with only one night left before the big day, but information can be found in all corners of the internet if you feel you'd like to read up on it more. If you've managed to read this far, I would really like to hear your opinions on the situation, whether you're Scottish, English, Welsh, Irish, American, whatever. It would be interesting to hear what people from other areas of the world think about the situation.

Also, if anyone can tell me how to do a poll I would be eternally grateful. I've forgotten how to do it, but it may be because my sponsorship ran out and it's a sponsor-only feature. Any help is appreciated!