Yesterday, Slender:The Arrival was released on XBLA, and I downloaded the demo for it. I have made three attempts to get through it. All three were dismal failures.

Attempt#1: I made it to the front doorstep of the house before I had to stop.

Attempt#2: I managed to explore the lower level of the house , but I couldn't bring myself to go upstairs .

Attempt#3: Ten minutes ago. I got all the way to investigating the source of a mysterious scream behind the house , only to find myself stranded in the dark . That's it for me!

You notice how in any of these attempts, nothing really scary has actually happened. But the atmosphere is so intense! You feel it it clawing at you.

I am not touching that fucking game again until Achievement Hunt does. I wanna see a Let's Play or a Play Pals, or something. I wanna know what's coming!

This is hands down the most terrifying game I've touched in a very long time!