Over the past couple weeks, I've been watching journal after journal eluding to some seemingly major bullying event that nobody wants to name. Some of us mods and admins have even discussed it, trying to get to the root of it.. to no avail.

I want to make it clear here that I am not, in any way, speaking on behalf of the Rooster Teeth staff or company, but as someone who has been a moderator on this site for many years, and also as just a run-of-the-mill, opinion-having member for several more years. However, seeing this very quiet occurrence pop up so very loudly lately is really getting to me.

This isn't something that's bothering me because I have any problem with people speaking their minds when it comes to the happenings of this site or internet forums in general. Rather, it's because there's nothing I or my fellow mods and admins can do about it directly, and that's our entire purpose here on this site.

Before we get into that bit any farther, I first want to mention that it's important to recognize when you're actually being bullied, and when you're receiving constructive criticism, or simply having a disagreement with another user. Being the Art Forum moderator, I've seen many instances of people attempting to offer constructive criticism, but wording it in such a way that it gets misconstrued by the receiver, and allegations of bullying begin. I've also seen people have simple differences of opinion, and one claiming to be bullied. It will save you a good amount of hurt feelings and wasted time if you keep an open mind in these situations, and try to give that other person the benefit of the doubt. The internet is a place where people turn their filters down or off completely. Since most people here can hide behind anonymity, it is very possible that you will run into disputes that you wouldn't typically get into while standing in line for coffee.

That said, however, if you DO feel like you're being bullied, or you see something that you think is bullying on this site, do not engage the harasser. Don't try to take matters into your own hands..


I keep seeing posts about how 'something needs to be done about the harassment on this site,' but we simply cannot do anything about it if we don't know about it. Harassment and bullying is taken very seriously here, and is not tolerated. If you, someone you know, or just someone you've seen in a forum is being attacked, we legitimately do want to help, and we have the tools to do so.

Take a look at the forum rules (particularly numbers 2 and 3):

and the Terms of Use:

And then keep in mind that if you ever have a problem on this site, there's a full list of staff here:

Even if you're mistaking something else for bullying. Or you message a staff member that doesn't handle that, directly - no one is going to get mad at you for having concerns. If you don't hear back in a reasonable amount of time, try someone else (typically, messaging site admins is highly effective, and most high-traffic subforums on this site have their own moderator you can take concerns to). If you want to remain anonymous in the situation, simply mention that to the staff member that you're messaging, and your concerns will be taken seriously.

That is all.