Hello, old friends! So, It's been a billion years (okay, more like two) since I last posted anything on here. Life has just been crazy! There's been a move, an incredible new job, loads of travel, and an amazing opportunity - the last of which I want to share with my RvB family.

Since I've last seen you, I got an agent and we signed a book deal with Running Press! And last week the book - which is based off my attempt to eat all the national food holidays - released!


EAT THE YEAR is a tribute to food-lovers everywhere and a fun calendar cookbook that introduces a national food or drink holiday for every day of the year. Neatly organized by month and day, the book includes 366 food-related quotes from pop culture (one for each day of the year '“ even Leap Day), fun food facts and trivia, cute commentary, and a little bit of food history. Also included are 50 delicious, easy-to-make recipes complete with whimsical two-color line drawings all packed into one fascinating culinary journey.

I'll try to be more active on RvB again, but if you want to find me elsewhere I post regularly on Almanac Of Eats and semi-regularly at SteffDeschenes.com (and both those sites have all my social media links, too).

Miss you all!