So over the past couple of days I've really felt like shit, like I don't have the motivation to get out of bed, or eat, or do anything I should be doing kind of shit, and I'm slowly but surely trying to work though it. Two of my friends, David and Amanda realized this and decided to use some of my own medicine against me. They made me cupcakes.
And no just that, they made it a Rooster Teeth themed pun. David, who is familiar with my love of RVB, hand me a red cupcake, a blue cupcake and then, with two different red and blue cupcakes he mushed them together and said "This is red, this is blue and this is Red Vs Blue."
I sometimes feel like there's no reason for me to do things or to try because 9/10 times no one is there to really help me out no matter how much I am willing to help them but, then that 10th time happens and I remember that I really do have some awesome friends.