Oh man...where do I even begin....well I started watching the stream around 9:00am Saturday and watched the whole event unfold until the final minute at 8:00am. I am very proud of RT for raising a total of 442,398 for the Kids. There are a few highlights I wish to say from what I can recall and recognizes some people to thank for the following highlights:

1. The story time with Levar Burton was a very pleasant activity that reminded me very much of my childhood when I use to have stories read to me. I know it is the same with most of you, but still it was a very nice thing that he did and I can't thank him enough for doing that. Not to mention having Mica make an appearance was a nice thing she did. smiley12.gif


2. It was nice to have both @matt and @burnie make an appearance on the stream to talk about their work on Lazer team and to share a few stories with everyone. I know Matt has placed a journal update about what happened so please be sure to check it out. smiley9.gif

3. That jar of mac and cheese was quite the wild item and so much chaos and hilarious moment ensued during the stream every time that it is used. I think the big moment with that was when @barbara made a stretch goal to dip her hand in it and she actually did. It was sick, but I'll give her props for bravery. Way to do it for the kids Barbara. smiley12.gif

4. I really enjoyed the games of fibbage played by the RT team as I see some of the funniest and craziest lies they make. I do want to give props to @Arryn for MvP on the games she played, even if she was called out for knowing all the answers, but was still fun to see her and the others enjoy the game smiley1.gif

5. I will say, watch Team Lads and Adam Kovic (who came from L.A to be here in Austin) play twister was hysterical to watch as they tried to reach the colors. I know they ended up playing the game differently to standard, but it was still funny watching them climb over each other. Congratulations to @Michael for winning the game and sadly getting kicked in the head by @gavino. Hope you get well soon Michael and thank you guys for doing this for the kids! smiley8.gif


6. It was great to have Alan make an appearance on the stream to spend some time around the Rt team: answering questions, doing funny stuff, and be silly overall. I found the tussle between Lindsay and Alan over the jar took a serious turn for the worse when that thing exploded out like a grenade. It was a big mess. Not to mention the moment when he declared he would do fifty push-ups with someone on his back and suddenly having regrets about it. We still love you Alan and looking forward to your moments on Lazer Team! smiley0.gif


7. Hmmm....Oh and then we finally got to see the pictures for reaching $200,000 donations. In regards to our very own @ryan in his gnome outfit and also a few others that are seen below. I don't remember who posted this, but I do wish to thank this person for making this colleague:


I can't stress enough how grateful everyone in the community has been for making donations for such a great cause and I do want to thank everyone in the RT Staff and other iconic members within the community for performing 24 hour live streams for Extra Life.

But I think most of all....I want to say thank you to @jack and @Caiti for hosting the Extra life Live stream and doing a fantastic job in organizing it and more.

Congratulations for reaching your goals for this year Rooster Teeth and here's to the next!