I had a late dinner at work today and headed over to Tim Hortons for a chicken salad sandwich combo. As the middle-aged employee was taking my order she was sort of giving me attitude asking me how I wanted my order. Normally in a situation like this I would just take it and leave the situation alone, but I decided to just say something.

I asked, "Busy night? How's everything going?"

She perked up with a smile and said, "Well, you know it sometimes gets busy here, but the night shifts are normally slow."

"Yeah I know the feeling, nigh shift will do that to you" I said in reply.

"It's okay, but work is work, right. Here's your coffee."

And with that I feel that somehow helped her get through the nigh shift.... Or I could be wrong and just made her day worse. Either way, the conversation added a lighter mood to what could have been a very pissy one.