Full version has more lyrics....but I was too excited about these lyrics to sit on them. Got some help from Lamar on this song smiley0.gif

listen up strap in notify your next of kin
you're about to take a ride a little on the blazing side
guzzle down your red bull you're gonna need a bucket full
you're watching me accelerate and tear apart the interstate

a certified monster i'm an absolute trip
like Otis Redding hard to handle so you better get a grip
a super-fast superfly bonafide wise guy
call the morgue and say goodbye write your will it's time to die

caffeine i'm caffeine
caffeine i'm caffeine

i'm a bad dream
i'm a rad scene
i'm a tad mean
but i'm not afraid to take you out

i'm a cheetah on the plains i'm the highway star
a supersonic princess in a million dollar car
blood on fire pumping through my veins
weaving in and out while i'm bolting through the lanes

i'm hyperdrive overdrive hit the gas at fifty-five
breakneck trainwreck in my presence genuflect
track-roundin speed-a-soundin lectrifyin pulse-poundin
heart-pumpin brain-thumpin watch me get the party jumpin