Okay, I've watched the first video four times. I've taken all my notes. I am probably going to psych myself out, but let me put all the facts down.

Has a "God" complex (Lindsay says that the killer may have a god complex)
Believes he has an inner Goddess
He mentions that he would be happy if one of his best friends die.
Has two drinks. Could it be that he was meant to die first hand? By dumb luck, Gus handed off the poisoned drink to Michael.

All I got was that he wants a beard.
Oddly enough, he was not given a picture like the rest of the group. Could that mean that Miles is the survivor by default? He has no blood on his hands. No reason for Michael to target him.

He is seen "tripping" over himself in the opening scene.
He seemly wants to stab Miles.
The sword doesn't glow next to Miles.

She says, "When, after you die." Oddly enough, Michael does die first.

Could the other Gavin be an evil Gavin?
Only one Gavin went to Michael.

Dicks and puns.

Mumbles, "Kill you all." However that may be too obvious.
Michael states, "Only one of you is a cold blooded murder." Shannon is seen frozen in ice. Cold? Is it too obvious?

Wicked beard.
Wants to be a professional swimmer. May play into getting what one wants.

I feel like some of the riddles apply to multiple people.

The second riddle states, "One tripped over themselves." It could be Chris. Still, that's way too obvious. Then I thought, could one trip over their own ego? Gus. Or could it be Gavin? Tripped over THEMSELVES. Gavin could trip over the other Gavin.

"One got what they wanted." This one is a bit tricky. It doesn't say that the person per say dies. It says that one got what they wanted. This could apply to three people. For Miles, he gets his beard. Adam gets to be a swimmer. And Gus gets to see one of his "best friends" die. Now, Gus has known Burnie the longest, however that doesn't make them best friends. There is another person as Chris did seemly want to stab Miles with the sword. Maybe he gets to use it after all.

"One died of a pun." Its quite obvious that it will be Barbara. However, it doesn't say one died making a pun therefore it shouldn't be Barbara.

With all that said, I still can't see who the killer is. I have a feeling that Gus will survive, mainly because he has already survived by blind luck by giving Michael the poisoned glass. However, Gus could be the killer by giving him the cup on purpose.

I thin one more watch is required before coming to a final conclusion. Am I overthinking this too much? I just want to go to RTX so bad. Still the chances are slim. smiley4.gif


Wait, I didn't even see the weapons list. D: This adds more and more to the mystery!

They say that some of these weapons can even be red herrings. I can see bathroom scale matching to the sixth riddle, but is that too obvious?

There's so many things to consider!

Rewatching the first episode. I noticed that one of the weapons is a pitch fork. What does Miles use to clean his teeth? A fork. Could he then die later from a pitchfork? Then again, Baby Gus is killed with a fork. Perhaps the nine roosters are killed in the fashion that they killed someone else.

I didn't notice this before, but Gus walked around twice when Lindsay and Michael were talking. Hmm. On the list, it states gasoline and fire. Now Shannon died in ice, could it be that Burnie dies in an ironic way? Burning. Possibly. However, Ryan says whats stopping them from killing Michael and burning the body. Hmm. That could be a red herring. Maybe Ryan goes back and burns Michael's body. That's pretty sickening though.

One tripped over themselves. Miles didn't per say create Rwby, but he did write it. Could he have tripped on the Crescent Rose? Is that technically tripping over himself?

Barbara is holding onto the cat-piano. Could she die from Joe the Cat? Would that be a pun?

Wait, wait...wouldn't Miles be the killer? He agrees immediately with Chris. Trying to clear his name already. The lights also turn off right before he gets stabbed. Hmmm.

Going back to the beginning, in the seats they are seating, it goes Michael, Lindsay, Chris, Gavin, Burnie, then Miles. Adam isn't in the frame. At least I didn't see him. However, Ryan walks across the screen. It could mean nothing, but it could also mean nothing.