So i cant sleep, maybe its my conscience forcing me to write a journal about LBF's 1 year anniversary.

So happy anniversary LBF. This is the forum that truly did make me enjoy coming to roosterteeth, day in day out, it was just a bunch of people hanging out tallking about stuff we could relate to, insanse gif wars, and confetti... tons of confetti... these people who were dudes and dudettes on the site, have become geniune friends. @MediocreJoke has Become Mitch, @Bourne_id is now Josh, @J3ST3R31 is well... now Jester, but i think you get the idea. So thank you to every single one of you LBF*ers! I think hurricana put it best in the 100th page anniversary (God we're nearing 7000 at this point). So I'll just end on that note.

"Guys, it has been a wonderful 100 pages. To all the ones who stuck around from the beginning. To all the ones who peek through the door now and then and to all the people who are just now coming in stumbling onto this wonderful party. I will raise my glass to you and say it has been a hundred amazing ones. There will be hundreds and hundreds more, but the first will be for always and forevermore in our crooked little hearts. I couldn't wish for better people to share this wonderful day with. I only could've wish some people who didn't show up so far would show up. But remember, this is not the real party. The real party is in every single post throughout the hundred pages. Where we see friendship develop, laughs shared and sometimes, on a rare occasion, tears shed. Here is to you, to me and to us all. May be cherish this lovely little place on the internet forever. Cheers guys and galls! " - @Hurricana

Ah yes and of course confetti gif! suck it @JMonty

- Shinny