Seems like when things couldn't get any nuttier, it just gets nuttier. ( Sounded better in my head now that I think about it smiley4.gif )

For one thing, I ended up feeling really sick to where I'm afraid if I try to drive my car at all, then I might end up causing an accident. So I emailed my professors and everything and have to sit out for today. It may sound like I got off easy, but having a really bad throat problem where it sounds like you have absolutely lost your voice does truly suck. Not to mention the annoyance of a runny nose, but I rather not go any further there as I'm sure you all know the feeling.

To top all of this, the news about Fullscreen partnering up with Roosterteeth has put a lot of people on edge now as to what his will all mean for Roosterteeth and the Community that supports them for so long. I feel like Matt and Burnie must have put a lot of thought into this when the decision was on the table so it is unlikely they would have jumped into this chance without giving it a little thought first and considering long term process of all this. This is just my input of how I am looking at this recent news, but I can understand the concern all the same.

That's about all I got on my mind and now I must get back to slumping in bed and trying to get better as soon as possible... *sniff* smiley12.gif